öko skin

öko skin

Vivid facade slats made of glassfibre reinforced concrete

With öko skin, Rieder offers slatted concrete facades. The various surface design options create a vibrant play of colors. The slats can be installed with little effort and unlike wood, never need to be painted or sanded.



  • öko skin creates facades that require minimal maintenance. Due to their robust properties, the slats are weatherproof and have a long service life.

  • öko skin is excellently suited for cladding large building facades. But also, for small projects, such as porches, conservatories, summer houses, garages or fences, öko skin with its versatile textures and the matt, ferro and ferro light surfaces, is a proven product.

  • Depending on how the concrete surface is treated, the material is given an individual character both visually and to the touch. Colors on matt surfaces appear more saturated, while blasting makes them less intense.

  • Products made of fibreC guarantees absolute fire resistance: fire rating A1 - “non-combustible“ approx. according to BBA Agrément Certificate 16/5362 for Great Britain and A2-s1,d0 - “non-combustible“ approx. according to abZ Nr. Z-31.4.166 for Germany.

  • With its ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications, Rieder sets itself high standards for environmental protection. The environmental product declaration, EPD, gives precise indicators for the life cycle assessment.

  • Thanks to the manageable format, the slats can be mounted and processed further directly on the construction site - by the specialist processor, carpenter, or a skilled "do it yourself" handyman.

öko skin format
öko skin individual


With its well curated range of colors, bricky, timber, pietra and greyscale, Rieder offers a selection of coordinated shades to create the most authentic facades possible in harmony with nature and their surroundings. The different surfaces, textures and formats lend the building envelope vibrancy and depth and give architects free reign for their ideas. Color variations within a color tone are intended and enhance the liveliness of the building material, concrete. Each color is available in the surfaces ferro, ferro light and matt. Inspired by the traditional construction method, using wood, natural stone and brick, the new color collections have been created.

Texture standard
Texture vintage


The further refined invisible fastening system hidden fix for öko skin facade slats with the format 147 x 1800 mm enables quick and easy installation. With the concealed attachment, the öko skin slats are even more effective, since the overall appearance is not marred by rivets or screws. Rieder supplies all fastening components as well as the öko skin slats. The slats can also be mounted with rivets, screws (on a wooden substructure), undercut anchors, the Rieder Power Anchor, or adhesive.

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Contrast-rich building envelope

The multi-contrast created by the different surfaces generates an exciting interplay of colors as well as a diverse spectrum of optical impressions and tactile experiences. This enhances the visibility of the glassfibre reinforced concrete elements.

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The further refined invisible mountain system hidden fix for öko skin facade panels allows for a simple and quick installation. The number of attachment points per slat was reduced. As an example in the half-bond arrangement, instead of 5 attachment points, only 3 are required, which brings numerous advantages, including a more economical system overall.

Transformation from waste to design – To reduce waste in the production of facade elements made of glassfibre reinforced concrete and to further pursue the zero-waste strategy, Rieder has developed a new product: the pixel, a small-format concrete shingle measuring 147 x 240 millimeters.Due to their small size, the elements open up entirely new design options for innovative building envelopes.

CO₂-positive by 2030: Rieder is pressing ahead with its decarbonization efforts with a variety of measures. Since 2019, CO₂ emissions were reduced by 35%. To draw up the guiding principles for its transition to a climate-positive company, Rieder is not just taking into consideration its own existing buildings, but also engaging with the topics of recycling and sustainable circular economy. The smaller the carbon footprint, the more Rieder improves architecture.


The Rieder Group operates internationally and offers customers a large network. With 3 locations, as well as sales partners in over 50 countries, the innovative concrete products are used worldwide.

pixel - Aus Abfall wird Design