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The Rieder Group specializes in the production of environmentally friendly and economical facade solutions made of glassfibre reinforced concrete. Inspired by the needs of our customers, Rieder extends the limits of the concrete material beyond its protective function. Economy, intelligence, aesthetics, and emotion are the ingredients which give concrete by Rieder new significance.



Production sites

Years of experience

A long tradition

The company was founded in 1958 by Wolfgang Rieder sen. and Hans Rieder and today is managed in the third generation by Wolfgang Rieder. Wolfgang Rieder founded his company with fibreC in 2004. His vision was to create a light yet stable facade panel made of glassfibre reinforced concrete that can withstand weather and environmental influences, while being both sustainable and aesthetically pleasing.

Over the past 16 years, Rieder's product range has grown and so have the architectural design possibilities of the material. There is one topic that drives Wolfgang Rieder and which he engages with self-critically and with ambition: the decarbonisation of the company.With more than 100 employees, the Rieder Group produces intelligent facade solutions at production sites in Maishofen (Austria), Kolbermoor (Germany) and Ladysmith (USA). The formula for success of the Austrian family-run company is based not only on readiness for action and a strong team, but also, and in particular, on the gift of combining tradition with innovation.

Product portfolio

Since the introduction of its glassfibre reinforced concrete facade products in 2004, Rieder has continuously expanded its products: The range includes thin large-size panels, narrow slats and three-dimensional shaped elements.

The metamorphosis of a family business

As part of Rieder's integrative transformation process established old structures are being rethought and broken down, but also utilised as a driving force. The pillars identified for this are summarised under the term of metamorphosis. The concepts of hybrid innovation, digital by design, carbon positivity and value-driven collaboration stand for these interrelated key drivers. They are central to Rieder's daily activities and drive the company forward in a self-critical and respectful manner: the decarbonisation of the company and sustainable architecture.

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The Rieder Campus

Building in the existing fabric - One example of how globally necessary changes can succeed is glemm21, the new headquarters in Maishofen, which is not strictly speaking a new building. “Using what’s there already rather than building something new is known to be the best way to save grey energy and reduce land sealing. And so, we tried it out on ourselves”, says Wolfgang Rieder.

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