Reuse & Recycle

Glemm21 headquarters as user case

One example of how globally necessary changes can succeed is glemm21, the new headquarters in Maishofen, which is not strictly speaking a new building. “Using what’s there already rather than building something new is known to be the best way to save gray energy and reduce land sealing. And so, we tried it out on ourselves”, says Wolfgang Rieder. A disused bus garage became the test laboratory for the greening of the globally active company.

New purpose for old materials

The existing building was utilized and many other components were also reused or recycled. We used concrete columns from Rieder’s grandfather’s and father’s old factories, a previously produced massive concrete beam, 150 tons of recycled steel girders and much more. We even reused an old wall made of arolla pine wood that was dismantled elsewhere and helps create the pleasant ambience of a modern working environment.

Sustainable construction

The principle of building in the existing fabric allowed Rieder to save around 1000 tons of CO₂ compared with a new building, while at the same time turning a new building into a prime example of resource-efficient circular construction. The transformation process was supported by an engineering firm specializing in energy-efficient construction.

The focus of the renovation work was on preserving the existing building stock as much as possible.

The walls were removed and large windows were added to create modern loft-like office spaces. We also took down an old staircase to create a new free pace. Old windows were replaced with triple insulating glazing. The shell of the headquarters and the roof were insulated using mineral wool. The old historically significant buildings were given a new purpose. The switch from oil to pellet heating is also advantageous in terms of efficient combustion and wood as a renewable fuel source.

Old & new in harmony

The bronze door handle from the 1970s found a permanent use for the main entrance to the new headquarters. This gave an old element a new meaning and stands symbolically for consistency, tradition and quality you can trust.