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Zaragoza Bridge Pavillon

concrete skin
ivory, silvergrey, anthracite, liquid black, special
Zaha Hadid
29,000 triangles have been mounted.

Inspiring outer shell

The British star architect Zaha Hadid has chosen glassfibre reinforced concrete from the Austrian company Rieder to envelope the 275 meters long „Zaragoza Bridge Pavilion“, the symbol of the Expo 2008 in the northern Spanish Zaragoza. She covered the outer skin of the building with 29.000 triangles in different grey shades out of concrete skin. The Zaragoza Bridge Pavilion is composed of four elements, which overlap each other like petals and form a diamond in the cross section. Inspired by the variety of nature, the main pavilion spans the Ebro River and opens up like a gladiola blossom. Photos: Helene Binet, Rasmus Norlander

9 different shades of grey lend the facade an unique look.
The triangles create an effect reminiscent of the shimmering scales of fishes.
Glassfibre reinforced concrete offers individual design possibilities for cultural projects.
The star architect chose from a variety of colors, surfaces, and shapes.