Vibrancy and a play of colors

Color gradients with only one hue - The varying degrees of sandblasted surfaces create vibrant accents on the building envelope.

The increased contrast resulting from the different surfaces provides an exciting interplay of colors and a varied range of visual impressions and tactile experiences. This enhances the visibility of the glassfibre reinforced concrete elements.

Wilmington College, USA, The Collaborative

öko skin - In addition to an impressive facade design, the glassfibre reinforced concrete elements also score with their technical and ecological advantages.

The slender, only 13 mm thick slats impress with their robust, durable, fire-resistant, and natural properties. The elements are also easy to handle during installation and require no maintenance over the years. Products free of pollutants (free of crystalline silicon dioxide) and the minimization of primary energy in production are additional aspects related to sustainability.

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In harmony with the environnement

The selected colors, textures, and materials reference the surrounding landscape and blend harmoniously into the overall picture. Upon request, a custom special color palette can also be created.

4 color collections – Inspired by traditional construction methods with concrete, wood, brick, and natural stone.

All colors

The combination of different tones and shades gives the building envelope a multifaceted and interesting exterior. Rieder offers numerous colors, surfaces, textures, and shapes, as well as a variety of different formats.